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We take complete care of you right from antenatal to pregnancy and
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Saplings is one of the most trusted centers by mothers. We are well aware that your life changes drastically when you are... Read More


Saplings is a maternity center that is well aware of the challenges faced by women these days. A number of hormonal ... Read More

Neonatal Care

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is the highest level of intensive care, having advanced equipment like the GE Giraffe incubators... Read More


Treating children is quite tricky. But we take a tremendous pride to state that we are the best in the city to treat children We .... Read More

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Pregnancy Plan

It is essential that you live a healthy lifestyle so that you can deliver a healthy baby and which mother doesn’t want that, right? Saplings is experienced in providing proper guidance to the ladies who are pregnant. We provide support and advice right from the conception stage so that you can be prepared for the transition in the food habits, exercises and overall lifestyle to lead a healthy pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby. Reputed maternity care hospital is what you must visit if you are looking forward to stepping into the moth Read more

Delivery Preparation

Saplings take an active part in preparing the pregnant ladies for delivery to reduce the jitters and complications which may arrive on delivery. We ensure that the mothers are prepared for the delivery and know what to expect during the delivery. We indulge in counselling sessions, prenatal care, care required post-delivery, and many more.

Our gynaecologist helps the ladies in understanding the different trimesters of pregnancy, educating them on the food habits and intensity of physical activities to be done, and make the process Read more

New Born Baby Care

We provide the best baby care as we are well equipped with equipment and trained staff to handle the healthy and the weak new born. First and foremost, we perform some tests on the baby to check the physical condition and the health of the baby as these tests will inform us if the baby needs intensive medical attention. We ensure to take full care of the baby and provide you with all the required information regarding the baby’s health.

We also provide vaccinations, vitamin dose, a screening test for the newborns. We also con Read more

Pregnancy care

Every woman faces different complexities and undergoes various changes during pregnancy. In short, every pregnancy has its own story! Saplings is one of the expert maternity care centre which aims at reducing the risk and complications involved in pregnancy by providing excellent care facilities like none other. We offer a comprehensive guide and prenatal care to the would-be mothers.

We have an excellent team of gynaecologists who are committed to improve the health of the pregnant lady by adding value their life and the health of Read more



As a woman undergoes changes during her pregnancy she needs care for her physical and emotional well being. This program takes care of not just the well being during pregnancy, but also prepares the couple for child birth and the new born care. It will also help her stay fit and healthy in pregnancy.



Depending upon her symptoms, weight, baby growth and other medical conditions like thyroid imbalance / diab Read more

Feeding baby

Nutrition plays a significant role in pregnancy and after birth so it is essential that you should eat right – not only for you but also for your baby.  We create customised diet charts depending on the calorie requirement and your preferred choice of food so that you can lead a healthy pregnancy. All of us here at Saplings are concerned with your well-being and aim to provide complete clarity on the health-related query so that you can lead a happy pregnancy life.

Any improper nutritional diet can have adverse effects o Read more

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